1. Smart Suitcase

    Package security is an often overlooked but critical aspect in everyday society. From shipping containers to personal suitcases, item transportation is far from trivial. In this proposal, the team presents an upgrade to the tradition...
    Date2022.01.12 Views37
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  2. IoT Auto-Gardener

    The aim of this project is to produce an automated irrigation system, starting with a small, home model, with hopes for it to evolve into a greenhouse-sized automated system. The primary functionality of the system is to routinely wa...
    Date2022.01.12 Views20
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  3. Decibel Display

    Traditional Bluetooth speakers have been delivering a dull listening experience in the same manner for years. Our project, the Decibel Display, builds upon basic Bluetooth speakers and adds new features such as synchronized LEDs, Sma...
    Date2022.01.12 Views20
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  4. Neuro+Sleep

    Analyzing the frequency-emitting brain waves can help us identify the health status of a person. When thought about in more depth, users can use our system to detect these frequencies and compare them to the average person’s graph a...
    Date2022.01.12 Views14
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  5. Smart Lab

    As many students and professionals’ transition into the online framework due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has not been overcome yet, many countries including the United States are still battling the pandemic. Many lab testing equipm...
    Date2022.01.12 Views221
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  6. Smart Lock Home Security

    The aim of the Smart Lock Home Security System is to create an internet connected, modularized locking mechanism that can be controlled via a physical keypad system in addition to a mobile application. From the mobile app, users will...
    Date2022.01.12 Views26
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  7. Medical Sensor Platform: HealthMon

    Our increasingly digital and interconnected world is allowing us the great opportunity to collect exorbitant amounts of data about the environment surrounding us. But what about ourselves? Right now, we have ways of collecting person...
    Date2022.01.12 Views15
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  8. Smart Hart

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the number one leading cause of death in the United States. With heart diseases being so common, it is important to promote heart health to attempt to prev...
    Date2022.01.12 Views1409
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  9. Quadruped Rescue Robot

    The continuous technological evolution experienced by today's society has led to a great increase in the presence of computing and robotics in both industrial and everyday human activities. In this way, the field of robotics is in co...
    Date2022.01.12 Views19
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  10. Centralized Animal Feeding Solution

    Up until recently, feeding animals/pets is usually a manual and time costing process. This process includes stocking up the food for the animals, choosing which food is right for a specific type of animal, sorting it up, and then del...
    Date2021.07.14 Views15
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